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I spent seventeen years of my adult life being overweight, the last five years I was in the category of being morbidly obese. With a BMI of 42 and reaching my maximum weight of 246 pounds, I finally found a solution. I had the Lap-Band surgery in April 2008 and shed 98 lbs. My yo-yo dieting started in my teens. The turning point for me was the day I could barely fit on a ride at Six Flags. How embarrassing it was to sit next to my teenage son and fear the ride attendant possibly asking me to exit the ride because the safety bars could barely secure itself due to me being too big. Since my surgery, my cholesterol levels have lowered to normal ranges, my joints don’t hurt anymore, and I sleep better at night. Depression from being overweight takes a toll on your self esteem and affects everyone around you whether you recognize it or not. By losing this weight, my marriage and my relationship with my family has taken a tremendous turn for the better.


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