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Since my Lap Band procedure in March of 2009 so many things have changed in my life for the better. As with many Lap Band patients I think you will hear a lot of the same stories about the amount of energy we have or how much better our health is. Or things about how much better we feel as parents because we can actually keep up with our kids now. All that is true and something amazing to experience, but the one thing that I notice is that I’m not in constant fear anymore. I know that might sound funny, but it’s true.

Before I had my procedure my daughter was in the first grade so I knew she was getting close to the age where little kids aren’t always so nice and I was just waiting for the day when she would have to deal with someone saying something about my weight. Or maybe even her being embarrassed about my weight. The fear didn’t stop there, I remember vividly going to a high school basketball game and when I walked into the gymnasium and saw the steep bleachers I began to run the image of me falling down over and over in my head. I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to make it up one step. Now I don’t have those fears anymore and I can run up bleachers without giving it a second thought. I love to be at all of my daughter’s school events and never think about if I’ll embarrass her. I think I’ll even sign up to coach my little boy’s soccer team when he gets old enough. I can be involved with everything and not have the fear of embarrassing my kids by my weight. So you can see Dr. Ginsburg and his staff have given me the gift of living without fear.


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