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The LAP-BAND® operation is the safest and least invasive surgical option for weight loss today. The surgery is performed laparoscopically with instruments placed through small incisions in the abdominal wall and typically takes an hour or less to perform.

The LAP-BAND® system procedures reduces your stomach’s capacity, restricting the amount of food you are able to eat at one time. It allows patients to eat less and feel full sooner, giving you a tool to control your hunger and finally achieve your goal of healthy, long lasting weight loss.

Unlike other weight loss procedures, there is no removal of the stomach or cutting of small intestines so digestion occurs normally. The procedure is adjustable and fully reversible if needed. Patients typically are home the same day of surgery, scheduled as an outpatient service, however this will depend on what is right for you.

LAP-BAND® patients can see an average of 50% excess weight loss the first year. This amount is an average and is based on your initial BMI, commitment level, behavior changes and follow up care recommended.  The LAP-BAND® Early intervention study which included patients with a BMI of 30-40 showed an average excess weight loss of 70% at two years after surgery.

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